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Welcome to MindCroft: The central hub for your remote educationWe aim to provide you an online classroom for your home learning and online educational services, with super easy-to-use interface for you to connect with students at ease.Start for 100% free.

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歡迎你登錄MindCroft – 為遙距教育(Remote Educaton)及自家教學(Homeschooling) 提供適用的平台、資源及工具。MindCroft為您提供免費的網上平台, 讓你快速建立網上課室,並透過簡潔的用戶界面,讓學生、家庭教師、主婦能輕鬆的在線上連結、交流資源和溝通。MindCroft 正不斷努力創作各種資源,協助教育工作者實踐遙距教育及自家教學。除了平台及資源,我們也提供一對一支援服務,助每位成功踏出第一步。


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